The detective and the woman. A tribute to Charles Bukowski. Bilingual edition (spanish/english)


Bilingual edition (spanish/english)

Hank, an alcoholic and decaying detective is tasked with following a woman. It seems like more work, but soon you will begin to have doubts about the true intention of the client. In addition, the order forces him to approach her. From that moment on, the detective’s personal and professional life will take an unexpected turn. Based on Bukowski’s literature, reminiscent of the Pulp novel, it revives the black humor and depth of the great writer who was Charles Bukowski.

«I come around here and see all those people. I see them happy and chatting. A bar is the most appropriate place to know that you are alone if you arrive and nobody talks to you or nobody looks at you. It is a false paradise in the form of hell. Does not believe?» -said Eve.

«Love is a made-up entelechy, a fleeting shadow in a false mirage,» he thought, feeling that he was becoming a poet of those who do not have to eat: an authentic poet.

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